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Search unauthorised listings, websites, and accounts. Enrich content with AI to separate the legitimate from the counterfeit, and Act on infringements with a solution built around your objectives.

The new standard for brand protection

Leverage our end-to-end AI-driven solution, developed by leading researchers and supported by a world-class legal team to deliver a personalized, white-glove experience.

Counterfeit monitoring

Discover a new approach to anti-counterfeiting. An AI that learns about your brand and continuously improves, a search function to focus and expand as needed, and continuous, automated enforcement to keep counterfeit products’ visibility to a minimum.

Leak detection

Enhance your brand protection strategy prior to a new product launch with Navee's top-notch image search. By simply providing us with new product images, Navee can track them before their release and promptly alert you of any leaks.

Grey market tracking

Combine the best of our services with a game-changing product detection model that enables you to track products at the SKU level and quickly estimate the impact of the grey market on your brand.

Multi-model clustering

Experience Navee’s clustering power, our search tracks your content across websites and platforms, linking content in completely new ways. One example? Images and all their variations.

Why Navee

We asked our clients what do they love about the solution.
Here are their answers.

For their real technology and real commitment

“Many providers sell you magical solutions that will fix all of your problems—and never do, Navee sells real engineering and market expertise and they deliver.”

Doing their best to end the whack-a-mole

“Enforcement was a pain, every month we saw the same numbers and problems. We started with fewer people and more automation. It is great joint achievement.”

High efficiency. More results

“Real image search. Navee is like Google Reverse Image but better, our standalone website detection grew by 10 just by using reverse image search.”

CVAN, an innovative game-changer

“The Navee team is trying to revolutionize brand protection with their CVAN and LLM automation. We're stoked to be at the forefront of innovation with them.”

Search and monitor like never before

“Their search and clustering capabilities really changed the game for us. One year, more then 80 targets and three raids later, we are very satisfied with their work.”

One solution, endless possibilities

A robust technology to power your brand protection from A to Z, start with one project and witness Navee accompany you through all your evolving needs and IP challenges.

Design infringement

Parallel market monitoring

Look alike image

Look-alikes monitoring

Market intelligence

Image right tracking

Leak detection

Easy onboarding

We want to know you

Our journey begins by understanding the story of your brand and what makes your products unique.

The collaboration kickoff

To ensure a strong foundation for our collaboration, we will schedule three extractions and three onboarding calls, allowing us to delve deeper into your brand.

Platform setup

We set up advanced AI models including image detection, content filtering, and automatic keyword selection, ensuring a seamless integration process.

Moderation guide setup

We build a moderation guide together, one that becomes the ultimate reference for swift, precision takedowns and enforcement.

Review your anti-counterfeit strategy

Leveraging cutting edge AI to find, track and act on commercial
content anywhere and everywhere online.

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Leverage the Navee advantage

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Today's search

With Navee

Keyword search

Image + Text

One site at a time or small scopes

Continuous large scale crawling

Static set of discovery rules

Snowball effect

False positives

Automatic noise filtering

Isolated results

Patterns, clones and cluster identification

Unable to put together the evidence

Deep context and links analysis


“Significantly reduce the impact, presence, and visibility of online counterfeits through scientific inquiry and disruptive partnerships with brands, platforms and institutions.”

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Ready to see why the best in the industry rely on Navee to track,
monitor and takedown unauthorised content globally.

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