Insights from Images for
Product and Profile Verification

Boost your Content Moderation System with our Reverse-Image-Analysis and reduce fraud up to 99%.

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There is no product or identity fraud without stolen images

is important, but...

Description, Location, or IP are important but not enough to validate content and profiles on user-generated content platforms. Fraudsters know how to hide their traces by faking their IPs, user-agents and geo-localisations.


is key.

Navee's Reverse-Image-Analysis tool is your unfair advantage to find these fraudsters as there is no product or identity fraud without stolen pictures—and even the smartest hacker needs images to scam your users. We empower you to find stolen images.

Our Reverse-Image-Analysis tool to track down unwanted content



Built on REST APIs to integrate with any moderation system

A webhook, an authentification token, a payload and you are good to go. Check out our documentation for more information.

Real time processing

Our tool provides you with relevant insights in real-time. Reduce the validation time of profiles and user-generated-content on your platform.

Simplified access

Display the results in your proprietary moderation system, so that your moderators can access with ease. Or use Navee´s platform to access quickly: we like you in both cases!



Find all digital footprints of an image

Find every digital footprint of an image on the web. Our Scam-Score helps you to understand if an image was actually stolen.

Internal Monitoring

Scan for image frauds in your existing user base. Our tool learns from your moderation history and prevents repeated fraudster attempts.

Image enhancement and analysis

Detect image traits and quality characteristics. Label inappropriate content automatically and keep out low-quality, e.g. nudity, non-visible faces or blurriness.



Made for the most affected industries

We are focused on the most affected industries of product and profile frauds, so that we can deliver the best tools to those who need it most. Social Communities, Online Dating, Marketplaces, and more.

Increase trust and safety

Delight your users by finding and fighting unwanted content on your platform quickly and precisely.

Manage content at scale

Build on a flexible and scalable infrastructure, our solution enables you to grow. Try our demo now and see how to empower your content moderation processes.

Finding stolen images = Finding fake profiles

Image Analysis is the most effective way to find unwanted content

Try the demo to see how the magic happens

Navee's Mission

Technology to make the web a place you can trust

Our mission is to empower platform operators to be in control of their content. Therefore, we provide cutting-edge tools to track and manage images at scale. Navee ensures easy integration, powerful technology and constant improvement. We take images and make it easy to everyone to verify the origin & label its attributes.

The Team
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