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Bringing change, one image at a time

Bringing change, one image at a time

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge AI and advanced technologies to address the dark side of online selling while bringing together like minded individuals.

We believe in harnessing the power of technology for positive change and actively work towards spreading awareness about and acting against counterfeits and other illegal online markets. Our team comprises passionate, inquisitive, and often, quirky, individuals dedicated to driving positive impact.

What Makes Us Unique

We believe in fostering a community that thrives on diversity, inclusivity, and shared values. Through partnerships and collaborations, we aim to amplify our
collective impact on social and technological fronts. Join us in this journey of activism through innovation.


Our team harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI and advanced technologies. Contribute to the development and application of groundbreaking solutions that redefine the landscape of anti-counterfeiting efforts.


Counterfeiting knows no borders, and neither do we. Join a team that operates on a global scale, reaching across industries and geographical boundaries, a team that embraces and amplifies the uniqueness of each individual.

Professional Growth

You'll have the opportunity to develop valuable skills and take on challenges that push the boundaries of your capabilities. We invest in your growth as you contribute to ours.

Competitive perks

We prioritize quality over quantity, So, the best talents, paid exceptionally well and give them access to deep nets, powerful hardware, and vast amounts of data, allowing them to consistently surpass their own achievements.

Good vipes

A highly collaborative open space HQ in Paris. A multicultural fun environment with frequent chill nights to connect and let loose with drinks, dinner, video games and movies.


To solve the complex challenges our customers face, we carefully and strategically recruit and nurture top-notch talent within our teams, giving you access to an environment that encourages learning from the best in the industry.

We thrive on diversity

Bringing together the best minds from across the globe. Explore our initiatives, engage with our stories, and be a part of the movement towards a more conscious and connected world.


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