Here is what your new standards look like with advanced image search and a self-learning model.

Unlock detection
at scale through

Forget keyword and hashtag lists that return only a few relevant results. Your images are now all you need to get an accurate map of your products all over the globe, across thousands of platforms and sellers.

your takedowns.

With smart automation, you don't just find more counterfeits, you enforce removals at scale.
From counterfeiters working in the spotlight, to those lurking in the shadows.

Stay ahead of the
action. Keep your
focus on new

Fakes that have already been identified once are automatically taken care of. Now you can target the ones you've never seen before.

Monitor social
media like no

Reclaim you brands' rights on these territories with an image first approach that finally gives you the upperhand. Also benefit from others' searches: Your content detected while we crawl for another brand is added to the platform.

Launch offline
action with the
proof you need.

With the right data at hand, taking legal action becomes a no-brainer. Navee collects the necessary evidence automatically to back up your investigation

Let us take care of it all. Or get your hands dirty. Your pick.

Most brands choose to sit back and enjoy the results our teams provide. You can also access Navee's powerful tools and use them in-house.

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Way more than scaled automation. It's about getting stronger every day.

Every time we crawl, identify or enforce, data is collected instead of being dumped. This model makes your protection - strengthening and ever growing.

With a solution that's fully integrated with your everyday tools