Shifting from isolated searches to comprehensive pattern-based content discovery

Counterfeits may be hidden but there are always hints for the potential buyer to see. And our AI sees them too.

Image Intelligence

Benefit from the most accurate Reverse Image Search Engine and Computer Vision models designed specifically for your needs.

Navee is able to search and find an image in all of its iterations and despite all transformations: rotations, crops, covering or blurring parts of the picture.
Advancing from a single image caught, through similarities counterfeit photos tend to share: same backgrounds, same packaging, same angles etc.
Information extracted, such as the presence of a specific logo, or the nature of the product shown can help focus on a specific facet of a market or prioritize probable counterfeits over irrelevant posts.

Data Enrichment

Did we see this image before? This phone number? Gathering context for each result is key to making a conclusive decision an isolated image cannot otherwise yield.

Our system is continuously crawling social media, marketplaces and standalone websites providing a steady flow of counterfeit candidates for the moderation team. Structured data like title, price, region, etc. is detected and extracted automatically.
When we find counterfeit images, we look for other websites that use them (semi-exact search), bringing us more counterfeits and even more images to expand upon. The more data we have the more we get.
Gathering information not only for posts but also images, accounts and websites, we identify links between them: a single image with a conclusive counterfeit element can lead to a group of semi-exact images, duplicate posts selling the same product across platforms and a cluster of linked accounts managed by the same vendor.

Data-backed Enforcement

Action is taken, powered by the data gathered: results, insights and use cases. A highly automated process that can be adjusted to the needs of your brand and performed at scale.

We automatically send takedown notices to social media and marketplace websites, then monitor their status to confirm enforcement.
You have control and always the final say over what posts are taken down thanks to several customizable layers of confirmations. Automated rules that produce the takedown requests are configurable.
Counterfeit not on a big platform? When takedown is not possible, Navee can also mitigate the most harmful cases with the famous red banner keeping visitors away from deceptive websites.

Comparison of benefits

Today's search

With Navee

Keyword search

Image + text

One site at a time or small scopes

Continous large scale crawling

Static set of discovery rules

Snowball effect

False positives

Automated noise filtering

Isolated results

Patterns, clones and cluster identification

Unable to put together the evidence

Deep analysis of context & links

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