@ Navee

Image Retrieval on the Web

We built a powerful Search Engine to be able to track and detect the occurrences of a picture on the web.

Extensive results:
To retrieve pictures even if they have been subject to transformations: cropping, color change, rotation...
Fast and Scalable queries:
To quickly search across millions of pictures.
Accurate search:
To return only relevant results and avoid false duplicates.

A concrete example

Query Image

Results are robust to image transformations:

Color Changes
Cropping and Scaling
Addition of new layers (logo, text, objects ... )

Without returning false positive images:

Understand what is important in the image to prevent returning background or irrelevant matches.

Structured Image Data Extraction

For each image found on the web, we automatically extract the context information that comes with it.

We transform unstructured website data ...

... into structured data for each image

Image Price (in dollars) Brand Name Seller Name
800 Bertsey Johnson ribbit33
325 Gucci alyssa_107
1000 Dior luxxesnob
125 DKNY angiedickson
95 Coach ceciliatringali
125 DKNY angiedickson
10 Nine West 831marti
40 Vicotoria's Secret natashaboreaux

Technology Properties

Large scale
Data can be extracted from any website. Famous or never seen websites.
6 languages are supported: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese (for title and description extraction).
UseCase dependant:
Data is structured differently if the goal is to track fake account, rental scam or counterfeit.
Data is extracted and structured in seconds.