Welcome to Navee.

Founded in September 2018 between San Francisco and Paris, Navee brings insights to images. In a moment in which fake-news, frauds and dangerous content endanger the safety and future of the web we help our clients through a set of computer vision to understand images and content automatically.

our team.
Meet the squad.
A group of visionaries and hard-working individuals taking on one of the hardest markets in tech: fraud detection.
matteo v. amerio
co-founder & ceo
mathieu daviet
co-founder & cto
vladyslav sydorov
Computer Vision Researcher (PhD)
Raphael Reme
Computer Vision Researcher
Dana Amineddine
Senior Software Engineer
antoine bellami
software engineer
Stephanie Pape
Customer Success Manager
Hugo Muru
CEO's Right Arm
Robin Rouvier
Business Associate
our advisors.
Meet our advisors.
Our Advisors support us through providing their expertise and insights. With their advice, we are able to improve our business model and expand our network, in turn growing the impact that our company brings.
jack fuchs
maxime voisin
artificial intelligence
stefano brighenti
vincent de lagabbe
ronald praetsch
sales & Fraud expert
florian reichling
real estate
chief happiness officer
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